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ZK Proof of Hashrate Decentralized Mining Pool Layer-2 Motivating Mining
UncleMine's second IMO is in full swing, High APY, USDC as Revenue! Details
The First Verifiable Mining-Assets-backed Fundraising,
DeFi & DAO platform
Token Name UM (UncleMine)
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Why UncleMine?
Mining Assets: Bigger than hashrate & tokens
MA lacks liquidity and MA holder’s projects lack effective fundraising channels in a typical cryptocurrency ecosystem
Many MAs cannot be decentrally verified and are difficult to integrate into the mainstream DeFi ecosystem
Individual investors cannot capture the great value of MA by participating in the project
UncleMine IMO platform
The first verifiable MA-based financing platform to increase the credit endorsement of fundraising projects
UncleMine VMA Oracle
The universal mining asset verification protocol promotes the integration of MA and the existing DeFi/DApp ecosystem, introducing new asset classes to DeFi
UncleMine DAO
Incentives and governance on Verifiable MA based fundraising and DeFi applications, helping investors capture more value of MA
Verification Layer
Trustlessly generate zero-knowledge proofs to prove the existence of computing power
Store proofs on-chain, with a scaleable layered storage method
Verification nodes also act as an decentralized oracle to update data to smart contracts on multiple blockchains
Application Layer
Mint computing power backed NFT that can be verified by anyone
Marketplace for all kinds of tokenized computing powers/assets
Standard oracle API for third-party applications, enabling innovative computing power backed DAPPs such as Decentralized Multi-Power Mining Pool, Initial Miner Offering, Computing Power DAO etc.
Incentive & Governance Layer
Treasury & DAO governance
Limited UncleMine community NFT with extra voting power and more benefits
Well designed incentives for all participants
Future Plan
New Mining Assets support
New MA Pool Model and MA Staking Product
Extend to more Ecosystems&Public Chains
UM DAO: On-Chain Governance with UM Token & UM NFT
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